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Red wine and steak. Steak and red wine. For many, these two indulgences go hand in hand and are the first things you think of when you hear the name Argentina. We are no different. In fact, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said once we entered the country, our days revolved around finding a butcher for the perfect steak to go with our $3 (!!!) delectable bottle of wine. This routine was kicked off after spending a most enjoyable weekend in Argentina, you guessed it, wine touring.


Ruta Del Vino

Ruta Del Vino



On a bicycle built for two!


We opted to stay away from the big cities in wine country, like Mendoza, to take a self guided tour in the little town of Cafayate. On a bicycle built for two no less. “When in Rome” right? That may seem romantic and heavenly for some but if one of you is twice the size and weight of the other, it makes for a bit of a rough ride. For those of you who know us, you can imagine how comfortable it was on the back of a rickety old tandem bike with Robbie, trusting that he would “take it easy”, as requested. Since I wasn’t able to see anything in front of me, other than his shoulder blades tensing, I was therefore not ready for whatever bumps and dips that he decided to plough over. If you’re thinking the attempted curbside wheelies would get more tolerable with more wine comsumption, you’re dead wrong; since of course, wine also made Robbie less inhibited with the choice of route. Let’s just say my nerves (and butt) were relieved when our rental time was up so we could walk the rest of the afternoon. The wine though…oh, the wine! If anything could make that ride worth it, it was the Torrentes wine, the specialty from the Cafayate area.


Our first stop was Vasija Secreta Bodega, the oldest vineyard in town.

Our first stop was Vasija Secreta Bodega, the oldest vineyard in town.



We thought we were in a time machine when this old Mercedes truck pulled up with a load of grapes.


Nanni Bodegas trying the Tannat (my favorite!)

Nanni Bodega trying the Tannat (my favorite!)


The selection at El Transito Bodega

The selection at El Transito Bodega


Malbec ice cream was a perfect ending to our day.


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