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  1. waylon

    Hello folks, congratulations on a successful trip, I am sure it was most definitely an enjoyable trip of a life time. My question is ? How was traveling through Mexico, any problems? I am planning on driving to Panama canal via the way of the Baja and then ferry to mainland. So their”s where my concern is. I would be driving this year starting in late November. Thank you for your time, Waylon.

    1. Hickey Post author

      Hi Waylon…we didn’t have any issues traveling through Mexico. We didn’t stay on the beaten path until we got to Oaxaca, but either way we didn’t have any trouble. The police stopped us on a couple occasions just to check paperwork and that was it. Most people you’ll talk to don’t have any problems at all and would consider Mexico a safe country to travel in. I hope that helps!

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